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Our Top 3 Excel Tips from 2021

Someone once said “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, but we tend to disagree. Whether you’re an Excel beginner or someone who has been using the program daily for the past decade, we believe there’s always something you can learn — a tip or three that you didn’t know can make all the […]

Finding and dealing with Duplicates

Having Duplicates in your Data can be a real problem, so addressing them is important. Finding them, especially in a big data set, can often be an arduous task though. A simple combination of Conditional Formatting with Filters is a great way to highlight and track down those Duplicates. The basic steps are as follows: […]

The 5 Minute Guide to Using Excel Pivot Tables

Microsoft Excel is used by many professionals in day-to-day business for data management and reporting. Today we have a mass of data that is often difficult to analyze or understand which is why we use Excel’s reporting tools to create simple visual representations of large data sets.  Enter Pivot Tables, one of Microsoft Excel’s most […]

N.O.W. shortcuts for just about everything!

Many of the shortcuts that we teach in Excel can be applied across other applications. 3 of them are almost universal and can be used for just about anything. Ctrl + N – to create a New Workbook, Document, Email, Presentation etc Ctrl + O – to Open an existing Workbook, Document, Email, Presentation etc […]

VLookup – What It Is and How You Can Use It to Free Up More of Your Time This Week

Microsoft Excel allows you to organise large sets of data in a way that is simple and streamlined. You can organise just about anything from inventories and stock counts to customer details or an employee’s progress in learning and development. But a clean, pretty spreadsheet means nothing if you can’t go back and look up […]

Duplicate content from cell above

When manually entering data into Excel we often have the need to copy the value directly from the cell above. Thankfully, there is a shortcut to do just that. Two in fact! ctrl + “ just the value ctrl + D copies the value and the formatting Both have their advantages, depending on your requirements. […]

Copy and Paste excluding hidden Rows and Columns

Normal copy and paste includes hidden rows and columns, so how do you Copy and Paste just the cells that are visible? Select Visible Cells only before copying. The quick guide… Select the range you want to copy (ctrl + A) Call up Go To (Ctrl + G) Click on the Special… button bottom left […]

Copy and Paste with Column Widths

Where would we be without Copy and Paste? Probably way behind schedule, or should I say, further behind schedule than we are currently! 😊 In Excel, Copy and Paste copies everything by default… except column widths! This can be a little frustrating especially if that is one of the key things you require to copy. […]

Quickest way to Select and Delete empty Rows

Data dumps from 3rd party systems often give us data with a plethora (lots of) blank rows. Finding and Deleting these Rows can take an age. Not any more though! This cool tip will show you how to use the Go To Special… Blanks feature to detect and delete all these unwanted rows in a […]

Excel Range Selection

Quickest way to select and check an Excel Range

Many of the cool features in Excel auto-detect data ranges to function, such as Filters, Flash-Fill and Pivots, to name but a few. Considering this, it’s really important that we store our data in such a way that an Excel Range can be detected without any issues. Simply put, our Data should be stored in […]

Duplicate A Worksheet In Excel

Quickest way to Duplicate a Worksheet

There is a basic rule of thumb in the Windows environment. Dragging something will move it; dragging while holding down the control key will create a copy. Unbeknown to many, this simple principle works across most applications, including Excel and is easy to use when trying to duplicate a worksheet. If I use my mouse […]

Quickest Way To Move A Column

Quickest way to move a column

Most times using a keyboard shortcut is quicker than using a mouse. Sometimes though, it’s a nifty combination of the two that does the trick! Let’s look at the quickest way to a move a column in Excel. The standard way of moving a column within a range of data is to right-click on the […]

MS Excel Advanced Course

R 1,550

Course Length: 79 Lessons | 7.5 Hours of Videos

Content Covered

  • Key Essentials
  • Spreadsheet Integrity
  • Cell References
  • Forecasting
  • CSV Import
  • Merging Data
  • Splitting Data
  • Data Validation
  • Worksheet Protection
  • Advanced Formula
  • Text Formula
  • Date Formula
  • Logical Formula
  • Lookup Formula
  • Maths Formula
  • Pivot Tables & Charts
  • Excel Automation (Macros)

MS Excel Intermediate Course

R 1,350

Course Length: 55 Lessons | 5.5 Hours of Videos

Content Covered

  • Key Essentials
  • Series Generation
  • Advanced Copy and Paste
  • Formula
  • Cell Referencing
  • Rounding
  • View Optimization
  • Find and Replace
  • Sort and Filter
  • Graphs
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Ranges vs Tables
  • Pivot Tables
  • Data Manipulation
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Tips and Tricks

MS Excel Beginner Course

R 1,150

Course Length: 56 Lessons | 4 Hours of Videos

Content Covered

  • Excel Overview
  • Key Essentials
  • Data Input
  • Excel Autofill
  • Formatting Cells
  • Number Formatting
  • Formatting Worksheets
  • Formulas
  • Printing
  • Basic Sort and Filter
  • Visualizing Data
  • Excel’s Golden Rule
  • Pivot Tables Sneak Peek
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Tips and Tricks

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