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Microsoft Excel Advanced Online & Live Training Course

MS Excel Advanced Course

Self-paced Online

R 1,550 pp

7.5 hrs of videos

Live Online

R 3,050 pp*

2-days / 3 mornings

Live Onsite

R 4,850 pp*


4.7 out of 5

* Live Training is for groups of 6 or more - Prices Ex. Vat

Course Overview

Picking up from where the Intermediate Course left off, the objective of this course is to expose you to the many powerful advanced functions that Excel has to offer.

Topics covered include: Data Modelling, Advanced Formula, Pivot Table Dashboards, Data Validation and Automating processes… not forgetting all those useful tips and tricks to help maximize efficiencies and impress your colleagues!

Summit Solutions MS Excel Advanced Training Online Course

Course Content

Key Essentials:
Recap the Key Principles of understanding Numbers & Dates, Auto-formats and Number façades.
Spreadsheet Integrity:
Exploring some very useful tools to ensure Data Integrity including Formula Auditing & Running Totals.
Data Modelling:
Introducing some Key principles and Practices to Build Data Models.
Cell References:
Absolute, Relative and Mixed cell referencing. Building a 2-dimentional formula array.
Using Goal Seek to determine input Values for a desired result.
CSV Import:
Detailing all the key components to be aware of when importing a csv file into Excel.
Merging & Splitting Data:
Using Formulas, Flash Fill and Text-to-Columns to Split and Merge Data.
Text Formulas:
Date Formulas:
Logical Formulas:
Lookup Formulas:
Maths Formulas:
Data Validation:
Best methods to prevent incorrect data entry, including lookup lists and in cell dropdowns.
Pivot tables & Charts
Best practices with tips and tricks while building a multi pivot dashboard.
Excel Automation:
Recording a Macro to automate repeatable tasks.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Over 40 Keyboard Shortcuts to increase those efficiencies.
Brief Recap on some Key Principles that are often overlooked such as the default behaviour of Text, Numbers & Dates, Auto-formats and Number façades.

Looking at all the key aspects to ensure Data Integrity. Using some neat Excel tools to check, troubleshoot, verify and validate data within your spreadsheet.

Points covered include: Verifying numerical content, Formula auditing, Empty cells vs Zero values, Excels Golden Rule, Running Totals, Audit Trails and Data Ranges.

The difference between Absolute, Relative and Mixed cell referencing. Using Mixed cell references to create a 2-dimentional formula array.
Using Goal Seek to take out the guess work of finding input values for a desired formula result.

Highlighting the importance of one’s current List Separator, Decimal symbol, Thousand Separator and Date formats when working with CSV files.

Explaining the difference between the New and Legacy Import Wizards within Excel and then using the Legacy Wizard to import a CSV file; highlighting the importance of the resultant Data Connection and how to use it to one’s advantage.

Using Formulas, Flash Fill and Text-to-Columns (Delimited and Fixed Width) to Split and Merge Data. Highlighting the pros and cons and when to use what.
Taking formulas to the next level…
  • Text Formulas
    Using Text Formulas to dynamically manipulate and extract data while introducing the concept of nested formulas. CONCAT, PROPER, UPPER, LEFT, RIGHT, MID & TRIM.
  • Date Formulas
    Understanding that Dates are – or should be – stored as a numerical value. This opens up a whole new world when working with Dates. Date Functions such as WEEKNUM, EOMONTH, TODAY and NETWORKDAYS help us to take this to the next level.
  • Logical Formulas
    Introduction to the AND & OR functions in conjunction with IF to cater for multiple conditions, as well as the use of IFERROR to hide known errors.
  • Lookup Formulas
    Explore the many different variations of the VLOOKUP function and their advantages and disadvantages. Plus, the introduction to INDEX-MATCH and the all new XLOOKUP as better alternatives to VLOOKUP.
  • Maths Formulas
    Taking your basic SUM and COUNT functions to the next level with SUMIF(S) and COUNTIF(S). Building 2-dimentional formula arrays with these functions to create Data Summary Tables. Comparing these to Pivot Tables and exploring the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Best methods to prevent incorrect data entry, including lookup lists and in cell dropdowns.

Includes a brief recap on Pivot Table basics and the Key Features and Layouts to be aware of.

Best Practices of creating multiple Pivot Tables and Charts off the same data and how to combine these into a multi-pivot Dashboard by linking Slicers and Timelines; plus a really neat trick on how best to add additional records to your source data.

Introduction to the timesaving world of Recording a Macro for repeatable tasks. A clear explanation of the different options available to save your Macro and some really clever Tips and Tricks to ensure that your Macro works on different datasets.

Over 50 Keyboard Shortcuts covered throughout the course to increase those efficiencies.
A printable 1-pager, of all these shortcuts and more, is provided with the follow-along Workbook.

What's Included?

  • A detailed follow-along Excel Workbook with Summary Notes
  • Self-marking quick questions to test your progress as you learn
  • Practical Tasks that will enable you to put your newly acquired Excel Skills into practice
  • Course completion Certificates
  • Lifetime access to course material and updates

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MS Excel Advanced Course

R 1,550

Course Length: 79 Lessons | 7.5 Hours of Videos

Content Covered

  • Key Essentials
  • Spreadsheet Integrity
  • Cell References
  • Forecasting
  • CSV Import
  • Merging Data
  • Splitting Data
  • Data Validation
  • Worksheet Protection
  • Advanced Formula
  • Text Formula
  • Date Formula
  • Logical Formula
  • Lookup Formula
  • Maths Formula
  • Pivot Tables & Charts
  • Excel Automation (Macros)

MS Excel Intermediate Course

R 1,350

Course Length: 55 Lessons | 5.5 Hours of Videos

Content Covered

  • Key Essentials
  • Series Generation
  • Advanced Copy and Paste
  • Formula
  • Cell Referencing
  • Rounding
  • View Optimization
  • Find and Replace
  • Sort and Filter
  • Graphs
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Ranges vs Tables
  • Pivot Tables
  • Data Manipulation
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Tips and Tricks

MS Excel Beginner Course

R 1,150

Course Length: 56 Lessons | 4 Hours of Videos

Content Covered

  • Excel Overview
  • Key Essentials
  • Data Input
  • Excel Autofill
  • Formatting Cells
  • Number Formatting
  • Formatting Worksheets
  • Formulas
  • Printing
  • Basic Sort and Filter
  • Visualizing Data
  • Excel’s Golden Rule
  • Pivot Tables Sneak Peek
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Tips and Tricks