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Microsoft Excel Intermediate Online & Live Training Course

MS Excel Intermediate Course

Self-paced Online

R 1,350 pp

5.5 hrs of videos

Live Online

R 2,250 pp*


Live Onsite

R 3,050 pp*


4.8 out of 5

* Live Training is for groups of 6 or more - Prices Ex. Vat

Course Overview

This Intermediate course builds on the Basic Functions and Formulas covered in our Excel Beginner Course and introduces you to new concepts such as Non-standard Series Generation, Absolute Cell References, Excel Tables and Charts.

A common thread throughout is an emphasis on best practices to Store, Organise and Manipulate your data, plus we look at the two popular advanced features of VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables.

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Course Content

Key Essentials:
Influence of Windows Regional Settings on Data Formats and how to change them.
Series Generation:
The use of Autofill and Formulas to quickly generate a non-standard data series.
Adv Copy and Paste:
How to copy and Paste just what you need. A real time-saving skill.
Recap of common Formulas and intro to Formula best practices.
Cell Referencing:
Implementing Excel’s Golden Rule by using Absolute Cell Refences ($A$2)
Difference between Display Rounding and Actual Rounding. Critical concept for Accountants!
View Optimization:
Various View Options to best work with your data, plus an introduction to Data Grouping.
Find & Replace:
A Powerful tool to perform mass Edits – but it can be destructive if you're not careful!
Sort & Filter:
Quick and multi-level Sorting & Advanced data specific Filters like Dates, Numbers and Colour!
Comprehensive section on creating and editing graphs plus best practices of charting data.
Conditional Formatting:
A wonderful tool as an alternative to graphs plus other benefits like detecting duplicates.
Excel Tables:
Huge advantages of converting a Range to a Table. Only 10% of Excel users are aware of this!
Pivot Tables:
The quickest and most effective way to analyse data in Excel.
Only 2nd to AutoSum in popularity, and there are few tricks to make it easier to use.
Data Manipulation:
Using Basic Text Formulas, Flash Fill and Text-to-Columns to Split and Merge Data.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Over 40 Keyboard Shortcuts to increase those efficiencies.
Looking at the difference between various Data Types and their default behaviour. The influence of Windows Regional settings on Data Formats and how to change them.
Looking at two different methods (Autofill and Formulas) to quickly generate a non-standard data series and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both. A non-standard example could be a series of Weeks or a Number that increases by 10.
How to copy and paste just what you need, such as: Values or Formula, Number Formats, Column Widths or completely Transpose your data (switch Columns and Rows). We copy and paste all the time and the advanced version can save us endless hours of re-formatting.
Recapping of the common formulas of Sum, Average, Count, Max and Min as well as the introduction to the IF statement to explain the best practices of entering an Excel Formula.
Implementing Excel’s Golden Rule by using Absolute Cell References ($A$2) when Replicating Formula, and the alternative using a Named Cell. We will also look at referencing Cells across Worksheets and show you a neat trick of how to view 2 Worksheets from the same Workbook at the same time.
Re-iterating the difference between Display Rounding and Actual Rounding, how to use the Round function to perform the latter and get our books to balance to the exact cent.
Optimizing ones Worksheet view by: Auto-resizing Column Widths, Zoom, Hide / Show various Excel components and Freeze Panes. We will also look at Data Grouping as an alternative to Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Columns.
The best ways to leverage the power of this tool to find content and perform mass edits. We also make you aware of the hidden dangers that could potentially turn this great tool into your worst nightmare.

Emphasizing the importance of storing your data in a Tabular Range and some Tips and Tricks on how to fix incorrectly stored Data.

Sorting: The difference between Quick and Multi Level sorting.

Filtering: We’ll recap the basics and then look at some Advanced Data Type Filters including filtering by Date component, Numerical Thresholds and even filtering by Colour.

Simple ways to Create and Edit Graphs. Which Graph Types to use for which Data; Adding / Editing Graph components; creating Multiple Series Graphs, plus some fundamental Do’s and Don’ts when creating Graphs.

An introduction to Conditional Formatting as an alternative to graphs. Plus, the additional benefits such as picking out Duplicates or highlighting Values above or below a specific threshold.

The many advantages of converting an Excel Range to a Table. Once you’ve seen this you will never look back.

The most effective way to analyse data in Excel. We show you the basics and the key things to be aware of when working with them.

An Advanced function but only second to AutoSum in popularity. We show you the basics and the most efficient way to use it.

Using Basic Text Formulas, Flash Fill and Text-to-Columns to Split and Merge Data. Plus, some key guidelines as to when best to use which method.

Over 40 Keyboard Shortcuts covered throughout the course to increase those efficiencies.

A printable 1-pager, of all these shortcuts and more, is provided with the follow-along Workbook.

What's Included?

  • A detailed follow-along Excel Workbook with Summary Notes
  • Self-marking quick questions to test your progress as you learn
  • Practical Tasks that will enable you to put your newly acquired Excel Skills into practice
  • Course completion Certificates
  • Lifetime access to course material and updates

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