What’s included?

  • Excel Foundation:  Covers all the Key Components of the Beginner Course in half the time. Use it to fast-track to the Intermediate Course or as a recap of the Beginner. (R 750 Value)
  • Excel Beginner:  Covers the basics in detail, including Excel Formulas, best practices and many tips & tricks. (R 1150 Value)
  • Excel Intermediate: Builds on the Excel Foundation / Beginner course and extends into Data Manipulation, VLookup and Reporting (R 1350 Value)
  • Excel Advanced: Data Modelling, Advanced Formula, Dashboards, Data Validation and Automating Processes (R 1550 Value)
  • Excel Automation: Takes Excel to the next level by using Power Query and basic VBA to Automate your repeatable tasks. (R 2150 Value). 

Bundle Value: R6950

Your Price: R3250

Go from Excel Zero to Excel Hero with this High-Five Bundle offer.

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…included in the bundle…

  1. Downloadable, follow-along workbook for each course.
  2. Self-marking Quick-Questions to assess your understanding of each course section.
  3. Regular touch base emails and progress reports to encourage you on your quest to conquer Excel.
  4. Lifetime membership to our Summit Community which includes:
    1. 24/7 access to all enrolled courses and subsequent upgrades
    1. Access to our Excel Templates Library
    1. Regular Excel Tips and Tricks

“This was amazing! Wow! I would recommend anyone who uses Excel to do all 3 courses. I have learnt so much, it is scary!  Thank You!” 

Debra-Ann Morrison

Meet your Trainer – Mark

Mark is an Ex-School Teacher with over 20 years of experience with Excel in the workplace. He is Summit’s Principal Trainer and Course Content Developer for all 5 of these courses.

“The facilitator is very easy to listen to. His pace is excellent, and he explains in such a way that he makes it understandable.” – Megan Young

“Great course facilitator, kept me on my toes throughout the course, job well done, thank you.” – Natasha Janse Van Rensburg

“I found the course very informative and enjoyed the humour” – Shannon Rushworth

Mark Tyrer - Microsoft Excel trainer and guru

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply a further discount if I’m already enrolled for one or more courses included in the bundle?

    If you are currently enrolled for one or more courses offered in the High-Five bundle, you can use the following coupon codes to claim a further discount at checkout.
    HF1 – R200 discount if you’re enrolled for 1 of the courses
    HF2 – R400 discount if you’re enrolled for 2 or more of the courses
    NB! You need to use your same email address at checkout and be logged into you account for the coupon to register correctly.
    Your current section completion stats will remain for those courses that you’ve already started or completed.

  2. Can I get a Tax invoice if I purchase online?

    You can pay either using Pay Fast or via EFT. Either way you will receive an official Tax invoice. 
    There is also an option to fill in your Company details and VAT number if required.

  3. Can I purchase more than one Bundle and assign to others?

    Yes, you can indeed, but you won’t be able to do so via the online payment gateway. Click here to send us an email with the number of bundles that you would like to purchase, and we will create a bulk invoice for you.

  4. When does the course start?

    All courses are self-paced and presented in bite-sized videos. As soon as you have made your online payment, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to get started.

  5. Which course should I start with? Foundation or Beginner?

    If you have a basic understanding of Windows, then you can use the Foundation Course to fast-track you to the Intermediate Course. 
    The Beginner course is more extensive. It covers more generic Windows Skills, introduces you to some of the Intermediate Course content, and has a more in-depth set of Questions and Tasks to practice your skills.

  6. Do I get a Course Completion Certificate at the end of each course?

    Yes indeed. Once you have completed all sections of a course you will be able to download a Course Completion Certificate.

“Excellent for self-taught Excel users! Easy to follow and the worked examples helped to make the information usable and practical!”

Shanaaz Kapery Randeria

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