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Validating an SA ID Number

It’s pretty well known that the first 6 digits of your South African ID Number is your Date of Birth. Un-beknown to many though, the SA ID Number has a few other Personal Details hidden within its 13 digits! In this article we look at validating an SA ID number on and Excel spreadsheet.

This is the breakdown {YYMMDD}{G}{SSS}{C}{A}{Z}

YYMMDD: Date of birth

G: Gender. 0-4 Female; 5-9 Male.

SSS: Sequence No. for DOB/G combination.

C: Citizenship. 0 SA; 1 Other.

A: Usually 8, or 9 (can be other values)

Z: Control digit.

Using this information and some neat Excel Formulas we can maximise the use of the ID Number to Verify and/or extract this key Personal Info, as well as validate the ID Number itself.

Download this handy Spreadsheet that will make validating an SA ID number an efficient and easy to do task without having to come up with the Formula!

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